What you'll learn

  • Tech sales fundamentals

    Art and science of sales, sales tools, CRMs, and LinkedIn.

  • Filling the funnel with inbound sales

    Fundamentals of inbound and the inbound sales methodology.

  • Research, personas, and outbound sales

    Research and discovery, your ideal customer profile, knowing your personas and outbound sales.

  • Sales calls, handling objections, and closing

    Learn to book meetings, take sales calls, handle objections, and close deals.

  • Job search prep and strategy

    Personal branding, working with career coaches, and preperation for your job search.

Upcoming start dates

  • May 2 - July 13

    Mon - Thu: 6:00pm - 9:00pm EDT

  • Sept 12 - Nov 23

    Mon - Thu: 6:00pm - 9:00pm EDT

Admissions process

  1. Apply Online

    Once you fill out our short 60-second online application, one of our learning advisors will contact you.

  2. Speak With Your Learning Advisor

    Next, you’ll talk 1-on-1 with a Learning Advisor who will determine if Bluebird is a good fit for you.

  3. Official Registration

    Once you’ve been accepted, your Learning Advisor will send you a contract to sign for your official registration.

  4. Start Your Course

    When we’ve taken care of your enrolment details, you’ll be ready to start your course. Get ready for an incredible and rewarding journey.

Not sure if the program is right for you?

Book a call with our team and discuss your goals. Let's see how we can help.

Top Questions

  • Who are the teachers?

    Our instructors are experienced tech sales professionals who actively work for leading tech companies in Canada. They are amazingly talented people with a deep passion for teaching others.

  • How are classes taught?

    Our lectures are all taught live online using Google Meet.

  • How will you help me find a job?

    Once you graduate, we have a career services team who will work with you to help you land your first tech sales job. It will be hard work, but so long as you put in the effort, you will find something awesome.

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